At the beginning of February 2023. Puppies are expected in the kennel. From a wonderful couple : Sire – C.I.B., BY JCH, BY GR JCH , BY CH, BY GR CH, BY W 2019, BY W 2020, BY W 2021, RU CH, RKF CH, LT CH, UA CH, GE CH. GLINNALIS CONRADUS (Ackra’s Evangelos x Ackra’s Benedetta). Dam – C.I.B., EE JCH, LV JCH, LT JCH, BALT JCH, EE CH, LV CH, LT CH, BALT CH, RU CH, BY CH, EE LCCH, LT LCCH, LV club WINNER 2017. PATRICIA MIELAS KUPIDONAS (Astra Bravissimo Ozzie x Berenice Mielas Kupidonas)

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