Berenice Mielas Kupidonas

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Berenice Mielas KupidonasDate of birth: 11.10.2012
Dog sex: female
Coat color: isabella
Owner: Jelena Suhareva & Aleksandra Minaeva , Canis Nobilitas kennel, Latvia
Breeder: Aleksandra Minaeva, Mielas Kupidonas kennel, Lithuania
Titles: LV CH, LT CH, EST CH, BALTIC CH, LC LV CH, LC EST CH, LC LT CH, LC Lv Win'15 '16 '17 '18 '19' 20' , LC Club Win'15 '16' 19' 20',LC Artemidas Cup'19, LC LV VCH, LC LT VCH.

Show results

03.09.2016 Speciality show (CAC) for sighthounds
Champion class: 1/1, CQ, LabK-I, BOB

Coursing results

10.09.2016 National Lure Coursing Competition (CACL) and Derby-2016 title competition
260+266=526 – 1/1, SK, FIELD WINNER
11.09.2016 International Lure Coursing Competition (CACIL) and national competition for breeds not eligible for CACIL
254+249=503 – 1/1, SK
29.07.2017 "National (CACL) Lure Coursing competition "CLUB WINNER*17 "
179+181=360 , 2/2 , CQL .
30.07.2017 National (CACL) Lure Coursing competition "LATVIAN WINNER*17"
181+183=364 , 1/2 , CQL , LATVIAN WINNER
26.08.2017 International ( CACIL) Luru Coursing competition "TWIN CUP*17" Rujiena , Latvia.
(oversize) : 1/2 , (240+257=497) , CQL .
27.08.2017 International Lure Coursing Competition (CACIL), national comprtition for breeds not eligible for CACIL and Twin Cup-2017 Title competition. Uulu, Pärnumaa, Estonia.
(oversize) : 1/2 , (254+268=522) , CQL .
02.09.2017 National ( CACL) Luru Coursing competition
(oversize) : 2/2 , (163) .
29.04.2018 National (CACL) Lure Coursing competition
182/186=368 , 1/4 , CQL(oversize)
19.05.2018 National Lure Coursing Competition (CACL).
249/273=522 , CQL , 1/3.
26.05.2018 National Lure Coursing Competition (CACL).
169/166=335 , CQL , 1/2 (oversize)

Additional Information:

Italian greyhound Berenice Mielas Kupidonas - 1 place in Lure Coursing TOP-2016 by Latvian Sighthound club

Lure Coursing TOP-2016 –
1 place

Certificate of cardiovascular examination

Italian greyhound Berenice Mielas Kupidonas: Rank LV - 1, Rank EU - 1

European rating


Patricia Mielas Kupidonas female (coat color - isabella)
CANIS NOBILITAS ELAZAR male (coat color - isabella)
CANIC NOBILITAS ELLY female (coat color - isabella)
CANIC NOBILITAS EMILIO male (coat color - isabella)
CANIC NOBILITAS ERNESTO male (coat color - isabella)
PIERRE CARDIN MIELAS KUPIDONAS male (coat color - isabella)
CANIS NOBILITAS IRVIN male (coat color - isabella)
CANIS NOBILITAS ITAN male (coat color - isabella)
CANIS NOBILITAS INOLA female (coat color - grey)
CANIS NOBILITAS IRISKA female (coat color - isabella)
CANIS NOBILITAS IVONNA female (coat color - grey)

Pedigree for Berenice Mielas Kupidonas

Fleur De Vie Agnes Laurent
no photo
Bel Etual Zhofrey Noir
no photo
Bel Etual Kelvin Klein
no photo
Bel Etual Paola Larsa
no photo
Bel Etual Ternecia Champagne
Rus JCh
no photo
Bel Etual Kelvin Klein
no photo
Bel Etual Olivia Noire
Rus & RKF Ch

Rosetta Brunella Loredani
no photo
Soltar’s Fidelio
Int CH, Pl & Balt JCh, Lv & Lt & Est JCh & Ch, 9 x CACIB, Lt & Lv & Balt Win'06, Lv Win'07
no photo
Jemalsheva Peter Pan
no photo
Eugenios Juliet Capulet
Int CH, Nord & FIN & N & S & LV & EST CH
no photo
Terra Magija
no photo
Pizzigotto Vom Pellerschloss
INT-BALT-LV-LT-EST CH, Est KL CH, KL W'99'00'01'02, LVW'00'01
no photo
Iris De Olvi

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